Who Brought Pickles?

I sat at a table surrounded by my good friends, and thought about how people break bread together all around the world, in every culture. It’s a universal part of the human experience, one that so deeply signifies friendship and hospitality. But in the age of the iPhone, with everything changing around us so quickly, I wondered — could we make it any easier?

So I looked around, but couldn’t find a simple way to organize events where food is shared. We have an app for everything these days, but folks were still using tangled email threads, or sheets of paper taped to the office refrigerator.

We built this site to do only one thing, and do it well: make it easier for people to come together around food. A host makes a menu, and guests pick what they’re bringing, or they suggest something new. Simple!

Charles Hope. I have been developing full-stack enterprise software since the late 90s, and founded Blip TV, an online video site that reached $10 million revenue.

Grace Piper. I ran a catering company in Los Angeles before moving to New York and creating one of the pioneering online food shows, called Fearless Cooking, and hailed by CNN as the personality on the Internet to “cook cable’s goose.” I was one of 100 influential bloggers chosen by Ford Motor Company to produce video content for the Ford Fiesta Movement campaign.

Brooklyn, NY